SongService is regularly updated to add new features and correct bugs.
This information describes the current version.

Product: SongService
Version: 1.10
Date: 2020-04-10 18:47
Copyright: © Jakob Lithner, 2016-2020
Version history
Version Date Description
1.10 2020-03-17 Ensure cascade deleted PresentationItems are included in deleted collection
1.9 2020-03-09 Give remote access of songs from external web
1.8 2018-10-27 Ensure Reader users are directed to correct page
1.7 2018-08-26 Minor adjustments: error handling, layout, web form, etc.
1.6 2018-06-23 Custom sorting of Presentation name to have order if several on same day.
1.5 2017-03-19 Bug fix for creating presentation on client. Window adjust to clarify. Presentation max font.
1.4 2016-08-29 Bug fix for email sending of new password.
1.2 2016-05-01 Adding quick help. Removing projector window when external screen is removed.
1.1 2016-02-07 Adjusting and correcting client
1.0 2016-01-31 Finally going live
Suggested new features
Limit DeletedRecords on server for one year. When client has not been syncing for a year, it is cleared and reloaded with new batch.
Allow flexible categories for each customer
Better controls to handle categories on web
Make it easier to categorize multiple songs
Display PowerPoint content in presentation
Display YouTube content in presentation
Display custom Text content in presentation
Import songs from other sources
Export songs to other sources
Share songs between churches
Subscribe for songs from a common library
Standard program points (and default selection) should be able to configure by each customer
Create CCLI report
Submit CCLI report automatically
Language localization (Swedish and English) on Web
Language localization (Swedish and English) on Client
Mobile webpage to remote control the presentation
Replicate more tables (DisplayDesign, etc)
Allow chords to be displayed in alternate color
Display personal informational popups (babysitter, parking, etc)